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Company founded in January  2021, having among its founders André Ferreira, businessman with more than 15 years of experience in the IT market, having recently sold one of his companies the Price Watch to Mosaico SA owner of Buscapé and Zoom and his cousins Augusto Rocha and Higor Bissoli .

“The idea was to create a game and remember our childhood time when we gathered on vacation to play Ultima Online, Diablo 2, Ragnarok, among others, and we were taking turns 3 on a single computer, it was always our dream to get references from games that marked our lives and bring life to a more modern version” - André Ferreira

In April, with the sale of Vigia de Price, this dream became a reality, as part of the sale price was used to invest in this new company, Uzmi Games Studio. invitation from André Ferreira to take over the advertising, marketing and BI part.  

"Our goal is to become an international benchmark in game development and show the world that quality super productions are also made here in Brazil, we want to soon have all the equipment and staff to develop AAA games at the level of major international studios" - Douglas Mesquita

With the pandemic, the demand for quality games increased and there is a large portion of the market thirsting for sandbox games outside of linear standards, an example of which was the great success of the Albion game, which today has millions of players around the world.

“The studio started with the most difficult that are MMORPG games, and we are reaching a high level of graphic quality, gameplay in a short time, in less than 1 year we already have a playable version to be made available on December 21 for a closed audience and ours forecasts and testing server stress at the beginning of 22, I believe that after this experience the studio is prepared to produce any type of game with high quality to meet even the most demanding audiences” - André Ferreira

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